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Our History

Someone compared history to a lame horse. Following this comparison, there have always been men and women who tried to ride this horse somewhat sharper. Some of these are forgotten and it seemed necessary to remind them. Others are known by their name - and yet unknown. I want to tell their story and, where possible, let them speak on their own. Which gave the name of this site: "Our History".
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Etienne Marcel and Guillaume Callé
The french peasants revolt in 1358

Wat Tyler, John Ball, Jack Straw and Geoffrey Litster
The english peasants war 1381

Jan Hus and Jan Zizka
The Hussits and the Hussite wars 1420-1434

Thomas Muenzer and Florian Geyer
The german peasants war 1525

The Independence war of the Netherlands

John Lilburne and the Levellers
The english Revolution 1640-1660

Saint Just and Robespierre
The french Revolution 1789-1794

Jean Paul Marat
An address to the electors of Great Britain
The Chains of Slavery

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